Neutrino Summer School

13th International Neutrino Summer School 2020

Virtual School, December 2020, University of São Paulo, Brazil

For the past twelve years, the International Neutrino Summer School has convened at locations around the world to provide training for the next generation of neutrino physicists in both theory and experiment. The school brings together graduate students and postdocs, along with some of the best teachers and researchers in neutrino physics, to create an intensive two-week-long learning experience in an open and interactive environment that covers the full range of modern neutrino physics. The course will include lectures and discussions on neutrinos in the standard model and beyond; neutrino mass theory and measurement; neutrino oscillations; the physics of solar, reactor, atmospheric and accelerator neutrinos; constraints on neutrino parameters; statistical methods; neutrinos in cosmology and astrophysics; and neutrino detection among others. Students will also engage in group projects and presentations, and have opportunity to present individual posters on their current research. Ample time will be provided to meet and socialize with other students and instructors outside of scheduled school activities.

Please email Renata Zukanovich Funchal if you have any questions.


Links to previous school webpages

Year Location Date Link
2019 Fermilab, USA
    Aug 5-16
2018 Mainz, Germany
    May 21-June 01
2017 Batavia, IL, USA
    August 7-18
2016 Quy Nhon, Vietnam
    July 17-29
2015 Sao Paulo, Brazil August 17-28
2014 St Andrews, Scotland August 10-22
2013 Beijing, China August 6-16
2012 Blacksburg, Virginia, USA July 10 – 21
2011 Geneva, Switzerland July 18-30
2010 Yokohama / Tokai, Japan August 23-31
2009 Fermilab, Illinois, USA July 7-17
2007 Fermilab, Illinois, USA July 2-13