Neutrino Physics Center


The Neutrino Physics Center (NPC) at Fermilab will enable researchers from around the world to visit Fermilab and participate in the expanding neutrino program at the Lab.

The Center is for the neutrino community and organized by the community. The Center serves to foster communication between experimentalists on different neutrino experiments, between experimentalists and theorists, and between theorists, within the international neutrino user community and from Fermilab. The Neutrino Physics Center’s Goals include:

  • Bring researchers to Fermilab for short term and long term stays to work on Fermilab Neutrino experiments and/or within the Fermilab Theory Community
  • Organize the weekly Neutrino Seminar Series and the summer “Neutrino University”
  • Host experimental and theoretical topical workshops in Neutrino Physics
  • Coordinate the International Neutrino Summer School and host it in odd years
  • Provide facilities to host visitors, enable remote participation, and foster interaction at Fermilab


The Neutrino Physics Center is part of the Fermilab Neutrino Division.


Join the community on the Neutrino Physics Center Slack,