Neutrino University

Neutrino Summer Lecture series

The Neutrino Physics Center Summer Presentations are informal lectures for students at all levels interested in finding out more about neutrino physics in general, with some emphasis on neutrino experiments being carried out at Fermilab. The lectures are geared towards visiting undergraduate and graduate students.

Regularly scheduled Neutrino University lectures will be held on Thursdays 4:00-5:15 pm in Curia II (WH2W) unless stated otherwise (see below). Snacks and light beverages will be provided at the end of the lecture!

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2018 Schedule

Organizers: Simone Marcocci and Jessica Turner.

Date/Remarks Topic Speaker Files
June 14 Introduction and History of Neutrinos Boris Kayser, Fermilab slides video
June 26 Neutrino Sources Stephen Parke, Fermilab slides video
June 28 Neutrino Detection Techniques Jennifer Raaf, Fermilab slides
July 5 Why are neutrinos important for physics beyond the Standard Model? Mu-Chun Chen, UC Irvine slides video
July 12 Neutrino Interactions and Cross Sections Camillo Mariani, Virginia Tech slides  video
July 19 Neutrino Production at Accelerators Tom Kobilarcik, Fermilab slides  video
July 26 Neutrino Oscillation Experiments Georgia Karagiorgi, Columbia University slides video
August 2
(One West)
Searching for Neutrinos through Cosmology Olga Mena, Valencia University slides video
August 9 Low-Energy Neutrino Investigations Juan Jose Gomez Cadenas, Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) slides video

Please email the organizers if you have any questions or concerns.

The schedule, slides, videos of Neutrino University’s past series can be found here.