Neutrino Physics Center Organization

NPC Coordinators

  • Georgia Karagiorgi, Columbia
  • John Beacom, The Ohio State University
  • Louise Suter, Fermilab

Please email the coordinators if you have any questions or concerns.

International Advisory Committee

  • Luis Alvarez Ruso, IFIC
  • John Beacom, Ohio State University
  • Sara Bolognesi, CEA Saclay
  • Antonio Ereditato, Bern University
  • Joachim Kopp, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
  • Steve Manly, University of Rochester
  • Silvia Pascoli, Durham University
  • Kate Scholberg, Duke University
  • Seon-Hee Seo, Seoul National University
  • Greg Sullivan, University of Maryland
  • Heather Ray, University of Florida
  • Lisa Whitehead, University of Houston
  • Elizabeth Worcester, Brookhaven
  • Renata Zukanovich Funchal, Sao Paulo University

NPC Activity Committees

NPC Presentation

  • Kevin Kelly, Fermilab
  • Sophie Beckman, Fermilab
  • Michael Baird, University of Virginia

Neutrino Seminar Series

  • Yuber Perez Gonzalez
  • David Caratelli
  • Anne Norrick

You can subscribe to the seminar series mailing list ( by following the instructions here or by emailing the organizers.

For scheduling, questions, and comments concerning this season of talks, please do not hesitate to email the organizers.

Neutrino University

  • Kevin Kelly
  • Elena Gramellini

You can subscribe to the neutrino university mailing list ( to get lecture announcements and remote connection information by following the instructions here or by emailing the organizers.

Administrative Support

  • Etta Johnson, Fermilab
  • Julie Saviano, Fermilab
  • Connie Hillgard, Fermilab (email )