Neutrino Joint Theory-Experiment Working Group

This joint group between theorists and experimentalists is intended to provide a forum for theorists and experimentalists to collaborate on topics of importance to Fermilab’s neutrino program. Initial goals are:

  • create an interface between theory and generators
  • work together toward improve the models
  • incorporate new models in the simulations
  • understand the interplay of neutrino interactions and phenomenology

Initial topics for the working groups:

  • Interfacing theory and GENIE event generator
    • Specific tests cases: nuclear ab initio and deep inelastic scattering
  • Lattice QCD
  • Radiative corrections and nue/numu cross section differences
  • Phenomenology

We will have subgroups to work on each topics.

Meetings are once a month. Slides will be posted at

The organizers: Minerba Betancourt and Andreas Kronfeld

For questions and comments, please contact and