Receiving NPC Scholar Funds

Please remember that ALL flight reservations MUST be made through the Fermilab Travel Office if the NPC is paying for your flight. Once you have arrived at Fermilab, you should check in with your assigned Admin named in your offer letter to confirm your office space. At this point, the Admin will begin the paperwork for you to collect your funds.

Funds are distributed to you on a monthly basis for the following:
• If you are staying on-site in Fermilab housing your Admin will arrange direct-billing from your funds for up to $25/day so you will not have to be concerned with payment. Off-site housing (with a maximum allowance of $70/day) is ONLY allowed during summer months when on-site lodging may not be available.
• If you have requested a rental car ($30/day for stays of one month or greater, $38/day for stays less than one month), your Admin will arrange direct-billing from your funds for the cost of the car only. Gas and tolls are your responsibility. You MUST have a drivers license to drive the car, and you MAY NOT learn to drive on a rental car.
• Per diem (maximum is $35/day). Your Admin will process the necessary paperwork and notify you when your check is ready for pick-up.

If you plan on attending any conferences, workshops or seminars outside of Fermilab, please be sure to notify your assigned Admin IN ADVANCE of your trip. NPC Funds cannot be used to pay for registration fees or travel to outside events and you cannot be reimbursed for any of the above expenses during your time away from the Lab.

We look forward to seeing you at the Lab!