Spring 2016 NPC Scholars

Masters Students

Jose Becerra

  • Jose Becerra
  • Institution: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
  • Research Project: Search for trident production in MINERvA through di-muon production

Norman Martinez

  • Norman Martinez
  • Institution:University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
  • Research Project: Proton Decay Studies at DUNE

Kelwin Matias

  • Kelwin Matias
  • Institution:University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
  • Research Project: Tracking Performance at SBND

Giacomo Scanavini

  • Giacomo Scanavini
  • Institution:Università degli Studi di Pisa, Italy
  • Research Project: Measurement of Neutrino-Argon cross-section for charged current one pion events

Dante Totani

  • Dante Totani
  • Institution: University of L’Aquila, Italy
  • Research Project:SiPM detectors for LAr TPC experiments

PhD Students

Gonzalo Díaz Bautista

  • Gonzalo Díaz Bautista
  • Institution: University of Rochester
  • Research Project:Charged current neutral pion production in MINERvA

Barnali Chowdhury

  • Barnali Chowdhury
  • Institution: University of South Carolina
  • Research Project: understanding the resonance structure of the nu_mu-nucleon interactions using NOvA Near Detector data

Roger Galindo

  • Roger Galindo
  • Institution: Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
  • Research Project: Measurement of the nuclear dependence of the pion production in CC neutrino-nucleus interactions in MINERvA

Mônica Nunes

  • Mônica Nunes
  • Institution:State University of Campinas – UNICAMP, Brazil
  • Research Project: Measuring Liquid Argon Purity with Cosmic Muons

Irene Nutini

  • Irene Nutini
  • Institution:Gran Sasso Science Institute (INFN Italy)
  • Research Project: Measurement of the Charged Pion Interaction Cross Sections on Argon with the LArIAT liquid Argon-TPC experiment

Alejandro Ramírez Delgado

  • Alejandro Ramírez Delgado
  • Institution: Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico
  • Research Project:Charged Current Coherent Pion Production in the Medium Energy beam at MINERvA

Mark Ross-Lonergan

  • Mark Ross-Lonergan
  • Institution: Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology, University of Durham
  • Research Project: Charge identification and reconstruction in Liquid Argon with LArIAT

Mehreen Sultana

  • Mehreen Sultana
  • Institution:University of Rochester
  • Research Project: Finding Michel Electrons on MINERvA

Ohana B. Rodrigues

  • Ohana B. Rodrigues
  • Institution: Federal University of Goias
  • Research Project: Kaon cross section analysis for LArIAT

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Matthew Bass

  • Matthew Bass
  • Institution: University of Oxford
  • Research Project:MicroBooNE Experiment Run Coordinator

Francesco Capozzi

  • Francesco Capozzi
  • Institution: Universita’ degli Studi di Padova
  • Research Project: Phenomenology of neutrino oscillations: present and future

Daan van Eijk

  • Daan van Eijk
  • Institution: Nikhef (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Research Project: Neutrino oscillation parameters: combined analyses and sensitivity studies

Anushree Ghosh

  • Anushree Ghosh
  • Institution:Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
  • Research Project:Neutrino nucleon cross section measurement in MINERvA and Machine Learning for MINERvA Physics

Edgar Valencia

  • Edgar Valencia
  • Institution: College of William and Mary
  • Research Project: Neutrino Electron Elastic Scattering in MINERvA as a Medium Energy NuMI Flux Constraint

Brendan Reed

  • Brendan Reed
  • Institution: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Research Project: NOvA


Mario Andres Acero Ortega

Celio A. Moura

  • Celio A. Moura
  • Institution:Federal University of ABC (UFABC), Brazil
  • Research Project: Identification of charged particles and neutrino interactions in LAr-TPC using charge and light information
Tom Coan

  • Tom Coan
  • Institution: Southern Methodist University
  • Research Project:NOvA Experiment Run Coordinator

Helio da Motta

  • Hélio da Motta
  • Institution:Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF), Brazil
  • Research Project:Neutrino cross section measurement at MINERvA

Raj Gandhi

  • Raj Gandhi
  • Institution: Harish Chandra Research Institute (HRI)
  • Research Project: The impact of sterile neutrinos on CP violation measurements at DUNE

Huma Haider

  • Huma Haider
  • Institution:Aligarh Muslim University, India
  • Research Project:Charged Lepton- and Neutrino- Nucleus Deep Inelastic Scattering

Karol Lang

  • Karol Lang
  • Institution:University of Texas at Austin
  • Research Project: MINOS+, NOvA, NuMI-X

Hector Mendez

  • Hector Mendez
  • Institution:University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
  • Research Project: Tracking Performance and Neutrino Flux Studies at Experiment SBND

Jonathan Miller

  • Jonathan Miller
  • Institution:Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
  • Research Project: Charged Current neutral pion production at MINERvA

Jan Sobczyk

  • Jan Sobczyk
  • Institution: Wroclaw University (Poland)
  • Research Project: Neutrino interactions; NuWro; Monte Carlo simulations

Jae Yu

  • Jae Yu
  • Institution: University of Texas at Arlington
  • Research Project: Understanding The Behavior of Large Scale Cryostat and Optimization and monitoring of Neutrino Beams at DUNE