Spring 2018 NPC Recipients


Graduate and Masters Students


Recipients Institution Proposal
Jose Alfonso Soto Photon detection simulation of DUNE Dual Phase Ciemat, Basic Research Department
Maria Martinez Casales New method for cross-section central value tuning Iowa State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ivan Caro Terrazas Int of WC into LArSoft for uBooNE & TPCTS for DUNE Colorado State University, Department of Physics
Derek Doyle NOvA Appearance Measurement Using HPC Colorado State University, Physics
Christoph Alt Improving dual phase LAr TPC simulation in LArSoft ETH Zurich, Department of Physics
Adam Lister Using a nu_mu Sample to Constrain the Low Energ… Lancaster University, Physics Department
Marcus O’Flaherty ANNIE Experiment Hardware and Software Work University of Sheffield, Physics and Astronomy
Maritza Juliette Delgado Gonzalez ELECTRONICS SIMULATION FOR DUNE SINGLE-PHASE PDS Universidad Antonio Nariño, Applied science
Steven Block DAQ and TOF Design for NOvA Test Beam University of Dallas
Tyler Joseph Rehak Working Toward a Precision Neutrino Beam Drexel University, Department of Physics
Beatriz Tapia Oregui Cherenkov Counter for NOvA testbeam The University of Texas at Austin, Physics Department
Shivesh Mandalia On contemporizing the GENIE MC hadronization model Queen Mary University of London, Particle Physics Research Centre
Marina Guzzo protoDUNE Optical System’s Simulation and Data Ana University of Campinas, Department of Cosmic Rays and Chronology

Post Docs


Recipients Institution Proposal
Wei Tang Neutrino Physics with MicroBooNE University of Tennessee, Physics Department
Leandro Stefanazzi Evaluation of new frontend electronics for sHP Gas Universidad Nacional del Sur-Conicet
Vincent Fischer Commissioning a novel filtration system for ANNIE University of California, Davis, Neutrino and dark matter
Anushree Ghosh Enhancing PID capabilities at MINERVA using ML Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Lorena Escudero Sanchez Pandora pattern recognition in MicroBooNE University of Cambridge
Valentina De Romeri New physics opportunities with DUNE HE beam Instituto de Física Corspuscular
Christian Farnese Reconstruction of em showers in the T600 detector Padova University – Department of Physics and Astronomy
Mark Ross-Lonergan A Search for Single Photons in MicroBooNE Nevis Labs, Columbia University, Physics Department



Recipients Institution Proposal
Jonathan Abraham Asaadi Short-Baseline Near Detector Cold Electronics Test Univeristy of Texas at Arlington, Physics
Ernesto Kemp R&D for LAr light collectors – pDUNE data analysis Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory – FERMILAB, Neutrino Division
Satyajit Jena Neutrino Physics Center Fellowship 2018 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali, Physics
Filippo Varanini MCS muon momentum in ICARUS at SBN INFN Padova, Nuclear Physics
Raj Gandhi New Physics Exploration at Neutrino Experiments
Michael Ryan Mooney MicroBooNE Calibrations and DUNE Test TPC at FNAL Colorado State University, Physics
Irina Naskova Nasteva Neutron background measurements at SBND and CONNIE Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Instituto de Fisica