Neutrino University – Past Series

The Neutrino Physics Center Summer Lectures are informal presentations for students at all levels interested in finding out more about neutrino physics in general, with some emphasis on neutrino experiments being carried out at Fermilab. The lectures are geared towards undergraduate and graduate students.

This page contains information (schedule, slides, video) of the past series of the Neutrino University Lectures.

This year’s schedule can be found here.

2022 Schedule

Organizers: Ryan Plestid and Lauren Yates.

Date Topic Speaker Materials
June 9 Introduction to Neutrino Physics Joachim Kopp, CERN and
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
slides, video
June 16 Neutrino Detectors Nicola McConkey, University of Manchester slides, video
June 23 Neutrinos & Flavor Physics Yuval Grossman, Cornell University slides, video
June 30 Atmospheric and High-Energy
Astrophysical Neutrinos
Francis Halzen, University of Wisconsin
at Madison
slides, video
July 7 Solar Neutrinos & Recent Results
from Borexino
Andrea Pocar, University of Massachusetts
at Amherst
slides, video
July 14 Lepton Number Violation &
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
André de Gouvêa, Northwestern University slides, video
July 21 Supernovae & Neutrinos Evan O’Connor, Stockholm University slides, video
July 28 Neutrino Beams & Sources Joshua Spitz, University of Michigan
at Ann Arbor
slides, video
August 4 Neutrino Mass Generation &
Connections to New Physics
Mu-Chun Chen, University of California
at Irvine
August 11 Neutrino Interactions Kirsty Duffy, Oxford University slides, video


2021 Schedule

Organizers: Supraja Balasubramanian and Shirley Li.

Date Topic Speaker Files
June 3 Introduction & Neutrino Oscillations Silvia Pascoli, University of Bologna Slides, Video
June 10 Neutrino Sources & Beams Mark Messier, Indiana University Slides, Video
June 17 Neutrino Detectors & Detection Techniques Tanaz Mohayai, Fermilab Slides
June 24 Neutrino Cross Sections Adi Ashkenazi, Tel Aviv University Slides, Video
July 1 Neutrinos in Cosmology Dan Green, UC San Diego Slides, Video
July 8 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Julieta Gruszko, University of North Carolina Slides, Video
July 15 Supernova Neutrinos Georg Raffelt, Max-Planck-Institut für Physik Slides, Video
July 22 Astrophysical Neutrinos & Radio Telescopes Amy Connolly, Ohio State University Slides, Video
July 29 Beyond the Standard Model Physics with Neutrinos Kevin Kelly, Fermilab Slides, Video

2019 Schedule

Organizers: Elena Gramellini and Kevin Kelly.

Date/Location Topic Speaker Files
June 4 , Curia II WH2W Introduction & Neutrino Oscillations André de Gouvêa, Northwestern Slides
June 12, Curia II WH2W Neutrino Sources Bonnie Fleming, Yale Slides
June 19, Curia II WH2W Neutrino Detectors Michelle Stancari, Fermilab Slides
June 26, Curia II WH2W Neutrino Cross Sections Noemi Rocco, Argonne National Lab/Fermilab Slides
July 3, One West WH1W Mass Models for Neutrinos Renata Zukanovich Funchal, University of São Paolo Slides
July 10, One West WH1W Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Ben Jones, University of Texas Arlington Slides
July 17, One West WH1W Beyond the Standard Model Physics with Neutrinos Ornella Palamara & Pedro Machado, Fermilab Slides
July 24, Hornet’s Next WH8XO Leptogenesis Jessica Turner, Fermilab Slides
August 14, One West WH1W Neutrinos and Machine Learning Alex Radovic, Borealis AI Slides

2018 Schedule

Organizers: Simone Marcocci and Jessica Turner.

Date/Remarks Topic Speaker Files
June 14 Introduction and History of Neutrinos Boris Kayser, Fermilab slides  video
June 26 Neutrino Sources Stephen Parke, Fermilab slides  video
June 28 Neutrino Detection Techniques Jennifer Raaf, Fermilab slides
July 5 Why are neutrinos important for physics beyond the Standard Model? Mu-Chun Chen, UC Irvine slides video
July 12 Neutrino Interactions and Cross Sections Camillo Mariani, Virginia Tech slides  video
July 19 Neutrino Production at Accelerators Tom Kobilarcik, Fermilab slides  video
July 26 Neutrino Oscillation Experiments Georgia Karagiorgi, Columbia University slides video
August 2
(One West)
Searching for Neutrinos through Cosmology Olga Mena, Valencia University slides video
August 9 Low-Energy Neutrino Investigations Juan Jose Gomez Cadenas, Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) slides video

2017 Schedule

Organizers: Andy MastbaumJiyeon Han, and Pedro Machado.

Date/Remarks Topic Speaker Files
June 28 Introduction to Neutrino Physics Pedro Machado, Fermilab Slides
July 5 Neutrino Beams and Sources Leo Aliaga, Fermilab Slides
July 12 Neutrino Physics Beyond the Standard Model André de Gouvêa, Northwestern Slides
July 19 Neutrino Cross Sections Gabe Perdue, Fermilab Slides
July 26 Astrophysical Neutrinos John Beacom, The Ohio State University Slides
August 2 No lecture this week  —
August 9 Low-Energy Neutrino Physics Lindley Winslow, MIT Slides
August 16
(CDF Big Room)
The State of Neutrino Physics Hisakazu Minakata, Yachay Tech Slides
August 23 Physics of Neutrino Detection Roxanne Guenette, Harvard University Slides

Please email the organizers if you have any questions or concerns.

2016 Schedule

Organizers: Pilar Coloma and Louise Suter.

Date/Remarks Topic Speaker Files
June 30
(5pm – 6:30pm)
Introduction to Neutrino oscillations Enrique Fernandez-Martinez, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Whiteboard lecture
July 7 Neutrino cross sections Minerba Betancourt, Fermilab Slides
July 14 Neutrino masses and neutrinoless double beta decay Boris Kayser, Fermilab Slides
July 21
Status of the field after the Neutrino2016 conference Stephen Parke, Fermilab Slides
July 28 Sterile neutrinos at the eV scale Joachim Kopp, MITP Slides
August 4 Neutrino sources and beams Zarko Pavlovic, Fermilab Slides
Video unavailable
August 11 No lecture this week
(Neutrino seminar at 1:30pm)
August 18 Physics of neutrino detection Ornella Palamara, Fermilab Slides
August 25
Current and future neutrino oscillation experiments Elizabeth Worcester, BNL Slides

Please email the organizers if you have any questions or concerns.

2015 Schedule

Organizers: Giulia Brunetti and Paul Nienaber

Date Topic Speaker Files
June 16
Neutrino Physics: A General Overview Jon Paley, Argonne National Laboratory Slides
June 25
Neutrino Beams Alberto Marchionni, FNAL Slides
July 2
Liquid Argon TPCs Jon Asaadi, Syracuse University Slides
July 9
Other Physics with large detectors Jen Raaf, FNAL Slides
July 16
Neutrinos and Nuclear Physics Rex Tayloe, Indiana University Slides
July 20
LBL, present and future experiments Peter Shanahan, FNAL Slides
July 30
Cross Sections Flavio Cavanna, FNAL Slides
August 6
Cosmology Dan Hooper, FNAL Whiteboard

Please email the organizers if you have any questions or concerns.

2014 Schedule

Organizers: Giulia Brunetti and Paul Nienaber

Date Topic Speaker Files
June 5
Neutrino Beams and Sources Zarko Pavlovic, Los Alamos National Laboratory Slides
June 19
Neutrinos: General Overview of the Experimental Situation Mark Messier, Indiana University Slides
June 26
Silicon Photomultipliers Adam Para, FNAL Slides
July 10
Neutrinos: Cross Sections and What They Tell us Laura Fields, Northwestern University Slides
July 17
Liquid Argon TPCs Sarah Lockwitz, FNAL Slides
July 24
Superconducting Magnets Mauricio de Lima Lopes,FNAL Slides
July 31
Exploring New Physics Via the Muon Sector Roni Harnik, FNAL Slides
Aug 7
Particle Physics and Cosmology Dan Hooper, FNAL/University of Chicago Slides

Please email the organizers if you have any questions or concerns.